Dallas County opening ‘quarantine hotels’ for people that can’t isolate from families after getting COVID-19

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — In an effort to help people that are diagnosed with COVID-19 but cannot quarantine at home, Dallas County Health and Human Services is designating hotels in the county as ‘quarantine hotels.’

The hotels will allow people to quarantine for 14 to 21 days that cannot safely distance from people in their own home.

To be eligible, people must meet the criteria:

  • Individuals just diagnosed with COVID-19;
  • Individuals residing in Dallas County outside City of Dallas;
  • Individuals with non-complex medical/social conditions – see detailed conditions below; and
  • Individuals living in home that:
    • Does not provide for reasonable accommodation for maintaining safe distance from other household members; and/or
    • Consists of shared bedrooms / bathrooms; and/or
    • Consists of vulnerable / immunocompromised member.

For more information, visit here.

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