Dallas-based DropCloth Box is turning the tables on subscription boxes, and helping women and girls in the process

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You’re likely familiar with subscription boxes – you pay a fee, you get a box of stuff each month. They seem to exist for everything – clothes, pets, wine, pop culture collectibles – you name it.

Carrie Barnes is taking that model a flipping the switch on it, and helping women in the process. Instead of getting a box of items delivered straight to your door, you can send it directly to someone who needs it.

The idea came to Barnes when she was volunteering and noticed issues with how donated items were handled.

“I was going to a safe house, for girls that were transitioning in life, and I took a box of things I had in my drawer, accessories, beauty products, and I quickly realized these women weren’t getting any of these items,” Barnes says, “none of the items were actually to the individuals.”

That led to Barnes starting DropCloth Box as a way to get these essential products straight to the women who needed them.

Barnes also knew the timing was right. She says “We’re in the season where typically we’re going to fundraisers and participating in activities that are supporting these organizations, and right now we’re not doing that.” Barnes wanted to start Drop√áloth Box now so they could actively give to the organizations and people in their time of need.

There are four different boxes people can have sent:

  • Box for your bod: Comfortable clothes such as sweatpants, socks, etc.
  • Box for basics: Shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc.
  • Box for beauty: Makeup essentials
  • Box for your locks: Hair care essentials.

Visit DropClothBox.com for more info on how to order.

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