DALLAS (KDAF) — Usually, the telltale sign a couple’s marriage is coming to an end is the wedding ring.

“Certainly, the wedding ring is a symbol that you are betrothed, or taken or that you’re off the market. So, not wearing one could be sending the signal that you are available,” Jennifer Hargrave, family law attorney, said.

However, like many things, there are always exceptions.

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Some occupations require people to take their ring off for their own safety, such as construction. So what happens to a relationship in those circumstances?

“If someone wants to wear a wedding ring, there are options for them [such as a silicon ring]. If they don’t want to wear it, that’s where the question comes in: why are you not wearing your ring,” Hargrave said.

Of course, every relationship is different and the best way to know if this topic is a deal-breaker is to talk about it. Talk about this as early as you can (of course, you don’t want to scare off a partner by talking about wedding rings too early) and talk about this whilst you are married.

People and their attitudes change over time.