As a native Texan, Ricardo Chavira took on the role of Selena’s father knowing the responsibility that came with it

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Since its release on December 7th, ‘Selena’ has been one of the top series on Netflix. Texas native Ricardo Chavira took on the role of Selena’s father in the series, and the magnitude of the series and what it means to so many people is not lost on him. Chavira grew up in San Antonio and South Texas, so he knows what Selena and her legacy mean to her fans.

“The definition of what Selena means to Texas and what she means to South Texas is indicative of who I am,” says Chavira, “it’s exactly where I come from. It was extremely important to me, extremely important that I did it right.”

Chavira is roughly the same age as Selena, and as he worked on the series it was an opportunity to reflect on everything he’s done and how much Selena had to give when her life was tragically cut short. He says “you can’t help but think what her life could have been…you know, had she been alive she’d be my age, how many English albums would she have come out with?”

It’s also left to wonder, given Selena’s natural ability to reach so many people outside of just Tejano, if she would have been a bridge in a major divide we currently have in our culture and country. “Just the memory of her is iconic,” he says, “had she still been alive, I mean, she would have been legendary.”

Selena: The Series is streaming now on Netflix.

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