Another COVID-19 pandemic side effect: Plumbing issues

Morning After

A lot of industries have been effected by the pandemic. Some have busted, others have boomed.

One perhaps unexpected outcome of the pandemic is the rise of plumbing issues, primarily caused by more people being home more often.

Vincent Lara from Bacon Plumbing. Heating, Air, Electric, and Roofing joined the show to talk about some of the common issues they’re seeing and what people can do to fix or even prevent them.

One of the biggest issues they’re seeing are clogged drains, often due to things going down that aren’t supposed to be going down a drain. Lara says that just because something says it’s ‘flushable’ doesn’t mean it should be flushed down the toilet. They often see clogged drains from things like ‘flushable’ wet wipes.

Another issue popping up during the pandemic is failing hot water heaters. More people home means more water use, and it’s often taxing on older units.

Lara says it’s the simple things that can prevent issues. Things like covering up your outdoor water spouts during colder days, and being mindful of what you put in the garbage disposal (ie it’s not a catch-all).

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