After being home during the pandemic, pets may stress when you return to work – here’s how to help

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Brian Larsen knows what it’s like to see a pet suffer and not be able to do anything about it. When in college, his husky developed severe arthritis, and the only thing they could offer was opiates and pain meds.

This led Larsen on a path that would involve getting a few chemistry degrees and eventually starting his company, RestoraPet, that creates supplements for pets to address things like arthritis and overall wellness.

His mission is simple – it’s not about adding years to a dog or cat’s life, but making sure the years they do have are the best they can be.

“I would say add life to their years more than, say, years to their life,” he says, “because it’s all about the quality of life.”

That quality of life doesn’t just include physical health, but also mental.

Given many pets have become used to people being home all the time due to the pandemic, the potential for stress and anxiety looms as people begin to return to work.

To mitigate that, Larsen says it’s all about disassociation. Find the normal triggers pets may pick up on when you leave remove their power. If you put on your shoes and gab your keys before you leave, go through that process but don’t actually leave. Doing this for a few weeks leading up to your departure will help that initial anxiety.

Backing up these triggers with things like treats can also help redirect that anxious energy into something positive.

For more information about RestoraPet, visit

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