A Seat At The Table: Going beyond hashtags and ideas when it comes to racism

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We’re just beyond the half way mark in 2020 and people are already saying it needs to be canceled. What was supposed to be a year of clarity has been dominated by a pandemic and societal unrest.

2020 has been challenging, no doubt, but Bree Clarke says we don’t need to throw in the towel on it. “I truly feel that 2020 has been eye opening,” says Clarke, ” and has opened up the ideas and views that needed to be here, and that people needed to see.”

Clarke says she’s all about 2020.

The ideas she’s referring to are the ideas and conversations going on between friends, family, and in the media about race. Clarke says as it progresses, we need to make sure the movement for equality doesn’t just become a trend. It’s easy to post ideas and such to social media, but there needs to be more than hashtags. She says “I feel that sometimes social media is more of an idea, and ideas are easy. Anybody can have an idea. But implementation, and implementing those ideas is something that’s so effective and what we truly need in our community.”

In short, there can be all of the hashtags in the world, but until there is real systemic and societal change, there’s work to be done and hard conversations to have.

For Clarke and her work, that means getting people that have historically been excluded a seat at the table and the ability to make decisions within their communities.

For more on Bree Clarke, visit https://www.theimanproject.com

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