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September 30 2021 07:00 pm

A new football app that’s helping young quarterbacks hone their skills!

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Sports at the professional level is slowly coming back but school sports are still under quarantine. So how can a young football quarterback keep his skills sharp in a pandemic? The Equalizer Games.

Upon first inspection – Equalizer Games looks like a video game…but it’s not a game, it’s a coaching tool.

“Young quarterbacks don’t always have the neccesary fundamentals when they first begin,” says John Tomlinson, CEO of Equalizer Games.

John has been a coach for over 26 years and created this app (along with his wife) to help young quarterbacks learn their positions, be able to read the field, understand football terminology and much more. According to John, this will help quarterbacks make decisions quicker and keep them from getting hurt.

“Some student athletes come from programs where they don’t have a foundational knowledge and so when they get to the coach, they’re a little overwhelmed.”

Even though it’s tough during the pandemic to get players on the field, Equalizer Games has kept coaches in touch with their quarterbacks to train their minds and prep them for the field. Coaches can also keep a progress report and get notifications to see how their quarterbacks are doing.

Equalizer Games is used within many top Texas high school football teams and can help your young quarterback stay sharp and prepared to get in the game.

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