A call from Amazon launched a local black business to international success.

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The life of an entrepreneur isn’t an easy one (otherwise more people would do it,) but what happens when a major entity decides to invest in your business?

Danyel Surrency Jones wanted to start a business that helps youth athletes develop their skills. With her husband by her side, they created POWERHANDZ back in 2014. Their initial product was a set of gloves that’s weighted on the top side and the palms had no grip.

How can you train with no grip, you ask? Well the idea is that if you train with say a basketball or football – with the gloves on, it would be more difficult to handle the ball. Once you remove the gloves after training with them, you’ll see that it’s easier to work with the ball.

“We created innovation that help enhance your performance from a strength and conditioning standpoint, speed and development standpoint,” said Danyel.

POWERHANDZ was making a name for themselves in the sports equipment world but when Amazon stepped in…they took off! “I will never forget we got that awesome email that said ‘hey we’re starting a new division and it’s all focused on athletic training products.'”

That helped Danyel dip into Amazon’s networks to reach millions of people with her product and the opportunity to scale into other countries as well. This gave POWERHANDZ international exposure.

POWERHANDZ continued to gain traction during the pandemic because e-commerce has spiked thanks to quarantine. “We’ve seen the awareness of black founders, we’ve seen the awareness of women that have businesses and people are stepping up and supporting,” said Danyel.

With Prime Day starting today, going into tomorrow, POWERHANDZ is running a Prime Day special – 20% off all POWERHANDZ products when you buy on Prime Day.

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