‘2020 sucks but sports help”‘: Richie Whitt on the Dallas Stars, Cowboys, and how sports can help unite

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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — This year has been more polarizing than ever, and at times it can seems the country is being torn apart at the seems.

On the surface, it might seems like sports are a trivial thing in the middle of a deadly pandemic, civil unrest, environmental catastrophes, and a very heated election cycle.

But for Dallas-based sports writer Richie Whitt, it’s just what we need.

“In a year that I feel like has torn America apart and divided us more than ever, doesn’t it feel good to be united in DFW and all pull at the rope in the same direction,” he says, “if only during sports for a couple of hours?”

Whitt says 2020 sucks, but sports help.

And there are a few things helping right now. The Dallas Stars are playing for the Stanley cup for the first time in 20 years, and the Cowboys just gane us one of the most memorable comebacks in recent memory in their last game.

Let’s hope our teams keep giving us hope, even if just for a few hours a week.

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