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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- As adults begin to readjust to in person working environments, children are also being faced with a new way of learning.

Parents are struggling with trying to identify the best route to place their kids, whether its going back to in person education or trying their hand with at home or virtual learning.

Jamie Uphold, Gifted Youth Program Manager at Mensa, gives some reassurance to these worried parents.

“My key advice to them, is stop it. Your kids are going to learn, they’re going to learn. Maybe they won’t know the facts of the war of 1812. That’s okay. Maybe they’ll learn to budget with you and understand how the household finances work. The key is to stop searching for hat perfection, because it becomes an infection in the family. Everyone is worried about not getting it right, and they’re missing that they are getting it right. ” Uphold explains.

The reality is that your children are human and are not going to be perfect. Everyone’s situation is different and what works for each person will vary.

It is important to embrace at home learning, to help engage and enrich. Mensa provides an online tool, Mensa for kids, a website that holds free accessible teacher curated resources. A list of third party resources is available as well.

To visit their website and learn more about Mensa for kids,