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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- On today’s episode of Watcha Watchin’ Wednesday, plays are the main topic of discussion.

MainStage, a theatre in Irving, is known for their award winning performances. Their most recent play, An Active God, has sparked much buzz throughout the metroplex.

Sherry Etzel plays God in the play, which is unlike the other adaptations when God is played by a male. Nonetheless, the crew performed and completed the play in a way that can be viewed visually for viewers’ pleasure.

“MainStage approached me about it and we knew we would have to be a little bit fluid in how we were doing this based on all of the stuff with the pandemic. Up until a week ago we were planning on doing it live, and then we got the word that we were going to need to adapt. Luckily we had a nice tight crew and cast, and everyone honkered down and said let’s do this. It’s kind of a new art form for us.

In the play Sherry (God) is confronted by 2 angels with a series of questions about the state of the world. The angels can read the minds of the people in the audience, basing their questions off of what the audience is thinking internally.

“They ask things like which came first the chicken or the egg? Which I have a rather PG response to them. They ask things about like well how did you get that many animals on the arc? A lot of the commentary is ‘I didn’t really ask for two of every animal to be on the arc’ and then I’ll ask one of my angels ‘explain to them what I really said’. And he said ‘what you actually said is bring two puppies on board. Because we are below deck for over a month stuck with your family during a planetary apocalypse, puppies are nice.” Sherry expresses.

For people who are heavily involved with a certain religion, the response to the play can vary. The play has a little bit for everyone. The play is a humorous spin on if God came down to Earth today and gave new 10 commandments. There are parts that can be considered “different” in interpretation.

“In the play, God is saying I made mankind in my image and I’m not perfect. So that’s why the things in the world are going on, but believe in yourself. So there is a positive message in the end.” Etzel says.

To stream the play, go to The streaming will be available through Saturday and a $5 off coupon is available if you use the code “C-FRIENDS”.