DALLAS (KDAF) — This year we are anticipating a very busy holiday travel season. Here with some tips and suggestions to make it less stressful and more enjoyable is our friend, Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom.

Emily joined Inside DFW to talk about how you can save this holiday season. Here are some of her tips.

With this holiday season expected to be more robust, experts predict holiday travel will be more expensive this year. Is it possible to save on travel this holiday season?

For Christmas time there really are two days where travel will be the least expensive. Monday, Dec. 17 and Christmas Day.

Make technology your travel companion.

Download every app for the trip you’re planning. If you are travel with an airline or rental car company or hotel chain, download their apps. That way at your fingertips, you have resources that you can turn to keep in mind. If you get to the airport and you have a challenge with your flight. Everybody else who’s on that same flight is going to be trying to remedy the same situation.

If you get in with the app, you can try and do that and not stand in line behind everybody else. It’s also important to download the phone numbers, get a hold of the phone numbers for the airlines rental cars and hotels.

If you’re not having success on the apps, you can call the phone numbers again and stay out of the line.

Allow yourself lots of extra time

People are rusty travelers, they don’t remember the routine at TSA. So definitely allow for lots of extra time this holiday season.