DALLAS (KDAF) — Cheers to the holiday season and for all of the playoff football the world is about to consume in a few short weeks as the NFL season is rapidly winding down.

Having a couple of beers is always a great way to enjoy the holidays or while watching the big game! So, what cities in the U.S. are the best for beer drinkers in 2022?

We checked out a study from Smart Asset on 2022’s best cities for beer drinkers, “The U.S. is a beer haven. In 2021, the U.S. produced 81% of all beer and imported only 19% from other countries. But where is the best city for beer drinkers to live?”

Of course, a Texas city made the top 10 of this exclusive list and there’s no second-guessing that Longhorn Country has loads of great beer.

The study said, “Austin is home to 45 breweries, a main contributor to its high ranking in this year’s study as it was the only category that was double-weighted. Austin also performed well in our other categories, landing in the middle of the pack for breweries per 100,00 residents (No. 113) and an average number of beers per brewery (No. 159). Austin is widely known for its craft beers and the atmosphere in which they’re served. Locals and visitors can enjoy open-air venues, local musicians and a wide selection of local brews at places like Austin Beerworks.”

Here’s a look at the top 10 cities in the U.S. for beer drinkers:

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Bend (Oregon)
  3. Milwaukee
  4. St. Louis
  5. Asheville
  6. Cincinnati
  7. New Orleans
  8. Fort Collins
  9. Austin
  10. Missoula