DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re ever bored or looking for something to do, the movie theaters will always be there for you, and along with them, some of the best snacks money can buy (whether it’s overpriced or not).

The GOAT of all movie theater snacks is a big ole bucket of popcorn, and on Thursday, January 19, we’re celebrating this salty or sweet treat as it is National Popcorn Day!

“Join us on January 19 as we celebrate National Popcorn Day! Buttered, salted, kettled, drizzled with caramel, popcorn is one of those snacks perfect anytime, anywhere. It’s great on the go, in the theater, or in your living room! Just be prepared to dig some of it out of your teeth,” National Today said.

So, if you’re in need of a good time, what theaters around Dallas are best? Well, we checked out a report from Visit Dallas on the best and most unique theaters for your snacking and movie-going experience.

  • Angelika Film Center
  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • The Texas Theatre
  • Highland Park Village Theater
  • Inwood Theatre

Visit Dallas said, “Sit back and enjoy a feature film at the coolest spots in town. Whether you’re a fan of blockbusters, indie flicks or the classics, there is a theater in Dallas for every movie lover out there.”