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Texas Sentor John Cornyn (R) spoke to People Magazine and gave an interesting characterization to his relationship with President Trump.

Cornyn essentially equated it to a bad marriage and likened it to when women get married thinking they’re going to change their spouse, saying that doesn’t usually work out very well. While Cornyn says he will not go public with any dispute he’s had with the President, he says we’ve found that we’re not going to change the President.

Cornyn is a supporter of Trump and thinks he’s been more effective working behind the scenes to get things done, despite referenced disagreements with Trump.

Cornyn’s comments seem to be part of an emerging trend we’re seeing as election day draws near of some Republican Senators beginning to distance themselves from the President’s ideology a bit. Last week Republican Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska had much harsher words about Trump, saying Trump “kisses dictators’ butts” and “flirts with white supremacists”.