DALLAS (KDAF) — Athletes come and go. They may be playing with a team one season, then representing another the next season.

Today we want to highlight some of the loyal athletes that have stuck around North Texas the longest.

A new report from BetTexas.com has named the three most loyal athletes in the area. Officials say they made this determination by assigning each Dallas athlete 2 points for every season spent in the city, 2 points for every contract sign and 4 points for any contract adjustments taken to free up payroll space while playing there.

After assigning all of these points, they determined the players with the most posts as the most loyal athletes in the area.

So, how are they? According to the report, they are:

RankPlayerTeamConsecutive Seasons with TeamNumber of ContractsNumber of Contracts over 3 yearsNumber of Pay Structure ChangesPoints
1Tyron SmithCowboys1122550
2Jamie BennStars1433040
3DeMarcus LawrenceCowboys953130
via BetTexas.com

For the full report, click here.