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SECON SHOT SITDOWN — Today’s second shot sit down is with local celebrity chef Tiffany Derry, most known for her time as an upbeat contestant and judge on Top Chef and Top Chef Junior.

She’s also been on Bar Rescue and cooked for Former President Obama at the White House.

Tiffany is also the chef and co-founder of local restaurants, Roots Chicken Shak and Roots Southern Table.

Despite her national notoriety, she was still faced with the fact that she worked for someone and she wanted to change that and create a fresh environment for those who worked with her.

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Tiffany is a fierce advocate for nutritious food policies as well as gender and racial equity. She’s also an advocate for sustainability efforts in the food industry.

This interview is part of a 30 minute Second Shot Sitdown. Click here to listen to the full episode.