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In today’s Second Shot sit down, we’re learning about resilience.

Anne Grady was a single mom with a son that had severe mental illness and autism. It would be years, however, before those diagnoses were made. By the age of three, her son had tried to kill her with a pair of scissors, and by the age of four, he was on anti-psychotic medication.

Needless to say, her journey of motherhood wasn’t easy.

Grady used the opportunity to learn about resilience and how to essentially strengthen the mind. She’s now an author on the subject and has given several TEDx talks on building resiliency.

When it comes to resetting your nervous system, it’s comes down to the breath.

“The simplest way to reset is three deep breathes,” says Grady, “most of us breath incorrectly.” She says that when stressed, we usually take shortened breathes using the upper chest area. Grady suggests diaphragmatic breathing, which is used by athletes and opera singers.

That’s a way of saying breathe with your belly, not your chest.

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