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As North Texas came to a halt when the coronavirus came to town, so did the school year. With that, parents were suddenly living in an early summer of sorts, scrambling to manage a jolt to their family life.

And now the real summer is upon us.

If your family life is a chaotic mess, it’s time to take a Second Shot at it with a little help. Laura Hernandez is the creator of and she’s here to help ‘systemize’ your family. Her qualifications? She also the mother of ten kids. Ten.

How do you get any work done with the kids always home? Laura says you’ve got to batch work your tasks. This takes looking at your schedule and lumping things together and knocking them out in batches. For Laura, the morning is focused all on school work – computer work, reading, games etc. After lunch is what she calls ‘quiet time’ and is when Laura gets most of her own work done.

One motto she really espouses is “I know you can do it all, but please don’t.” Sure, it might be easier to just clean up toy-littered floor yourself versus coaching a child through it (and the struggles involved).

When you do that, Laura says “I think we’re missing out on building a team mentality with our family, and once that’s in place it’s like the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Basically, everyone needs to learn a job.

Meal time and eating is another area Laura has streamlined and batch-processes.

Every day is the ‘same’ but ‘different’. For example, Mondays are crockpot or instant pot nights. Different meals, but same processes and less to think about.

“That way we’re having different things but my brainpower is..I’m not putting my energy into that,” she says, “like trying to come up with new recipes to impress all my people because…they don’t care.”

That last point is something to keep in mind when you have a tiny human that would eat hot dogs every night if they could. You’re not trying to get a Food Network deal.

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