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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Author Jen Hatmaker spent about a decade in good favor with what she calls the traditional evangelical church, even referring to herself as a poster person for it.

That good favor status changed in 2016 when Hatmaker broke from her base and came out in support of same-sex marriage.

She just didn’t lose a following (which she did). Her book publisher pulled her best seller 7: an experimental mutiny against excess, as well as her bible studies from store shelves.

In a column for the Dallas Morning News, Hatmaker laid out what made her create such a drastic schism. She said “Some of my beliefs were challenged because they too often failed to care for LGBTQ people and instead led to traumatic conversion therapy, forced celibacy, public humiliation and ultimately, for too many people, suicide. Some of my beliefs were challenged because they weren’t producing many disciples, mostly just gatekeepers and defectors.”

While she lost a large following because of her stance, she gained a lot more by speaking her truth.

Hatmaker knew it was a risk before she came out in support of same-sex marriage, but she had to do it. She knew her truth and ignoring it was not an option, regardless of how it would rupture the world she’d been embedded in.

“Lying, and pretending, and faking, and shoving, and burying…that’s not free either,” she says, “you are paying the cost for that.”

So for Hatmaker, you are still paying. You could pay to be stuck and hide the truth, or pay and be free.

“The risk is worth the reward, when it is something true” she says.