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We’re several months into a pandemic, and people are facing challenges they both expected and never saw coming. Stress, of course, was expected.

Beth Reeder Johnson, a therapist with ERJ Counseling, joins us for Don’t Have a Meltdown Monday to wade through how to deal with these.

“I think stress comes from the story we tell ourselves,” says Johnson, “but right now people are saying to me ‘but my story is real, there is actually a pandemic, there is actually financial pressure on my bank account, there is actually unrest in the world.'”

Reeder realizes those are very real issues, but she says you can still choose love, especially with the people around you and your family.

If you connect with the people around you, she says, everything else becomes easier to solve.

And what about when you do ‘choose love’, but your kids are staring at you and your partner because you’ve been cooped up in the same house for months? What then?

Here, Reeder says, things like video games and other distractions are your friend. Plus, she says intimacy isn’t only expressed in the way that requires the kids to leave the room. It can be physical, emotional, and spiritual.