LIGHTSPEED SYSTEMS SPONSORED CONTENT — Lightspeed Systems, the nation’s leader in online safety software, has been serving schools for more than two decades and develops web filtering and online student safety technology used across thousands of school districts nationwide.

Schools use Lightspeed’s software that uses advanced AI to monitor and analyze activity across the web for signs of student self-harm, suicide, cyberbullying, and other inappropriate behaviors.

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When a potential threat is spotted through the ai, real-time alerts are sent to designated personnel, including screenshots and other important information to drive appropriate intervention.

Lightspeed has discovered many real threats, including students searching for ways to die by suicide. the system alerted school officials, which then notified the parents.

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Parents are encouraged to call their schools to see if their devices are protected by lightspeed systems.

Cybersecurity expert detective Rich Witstocki joined Morning After to provide some online safety tips to both students and school officials.