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FORT WORTH, Texas (KDAF) – The entire nation has been taken by the movement to reform policing and systemic racism within law enforcement institutions. Protests have taken place all over North Texas, with some still continuing, in response to police brutality.

Needless to say, community and police relations are in the spotlight right now. Recently, the Fort Worth City Council approved a four-year contract with the city’s police union, but many residents wanted more conversation around the deal before it was approved.

When asked how she’s feeling about police and community relations in Fort Worth, Mayor Betsy Price says she feels ‘pretty good’.

She says “Are there examples that aren’t good? Yeah, but we’re making great progress.”

Price says the Fort Worth Police department has given her a preliminary report and reforms and things needing to be addresses.

According to Price, police in Fort Worth have the support of the community.

“People in Fort Worth really do support their police,” Price says, “they know there’s room for improvement, but like all of us, there’s always room for improvement.”

Price says the Fort Worth Police Department have stepped up and addressed the situation proactively.