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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- Many people around the world are having more down time due to the pandemic, and want to develop new skills. Trading has been around for a while now but more people are starting to discover it and hop on board.

Chika Izuakor, CEO of SheTawt, is an investment expert and spends her time teaching women how to trade.

Izuakor started her journey working for Shell where she met a few people that traded and she eventually grew interest in it. These people became her mentors and guided her on her own path.

“The key was just those amazing mentors that I had that got me in the door, and the rest is history.” she says.

Chika assures everyone that you do not need to have a prior background or higher education to participate in trading. She recommends starting out with some of the free resources, like YouTube, or paid resources to get your feet wet. Acorn, Stash, and Robinhood are also great apps to learn form.

As trading as evolved, many of these brokers provide demo accounts where they have education centers as well as practice money where you can get thousands of dollars to play with, as a trial and error learning experience.

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