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Amber Johnson worked as a Director of Operations for a basketball tournament company for 12 years with dreams of starting her own designer label.

One fateful day, her former boss decided to invest in Amber’s dreams and essentially kickstarted her career to become a designer. “He allowed me and he pushed me to start on Jamber and to work on it full time,” says Amber.

Thus Jamber was born! This line sits at the intersection of dressy meets streetwear. According to Amber, her customer is bold and different.

And bold indeed, the Jamber collection is a mix between subtle patterns and bold and bright print. But here’s a key aspect of the collection…it’s a unisex line so literally anyone can rock the Jamber look.

“Every time I went to the department store, I would shop in the men’s and women’s department. Depending on what I was looking for,” says Amber.

So she cut out the middle man and created the line herself.

As far as inspiration for the line and the logo of Jamber – why the hummingbird? Amber says that the hummingbird was never suppose to fly but as we all know, the hummingbird can fly – defying all the odds.

“It represents overcoming odds. Resilience. Determination…” Amber said, “…we all go through storms but if we keep looking forward, everything will be okay. Just like the hummingbird.”