DALLAS (KDAF) — Are you feeling lucky? Well, if you’ve been searching Google in Dallas, you might be lucky for Halal food, capybaras, and grinder sandwiches. But what does that mean?

Google has released a look at the local year in search 2022 and the top trending searches in the Dallas area for the last 365 days. If you’re in Dallas, food seems to always be top of mind and a strange animal to be searching for is lingering as well.

When it comes to Dallas, it was the only place in the entire country that had Halal food in the top trending “near me” searches. The top trending animal was the capybara and it was searched for three times more than it was in 2021. If you’re looking for jobs, you’re not alone, Dallas was searching for staffing agencies more so than anywhere else in the country.

Not only was halal food a top search, but grinder sandwiches are the top trending recipe in Dallas, but what meat do you prefer, and is a sub a grinder, and are they both hoagies? Something to think or search about. For your listening pleasure, Dallas sure does love their K-pop along with 14 others in the country searching for it more than pop music.

Here are the top 10 “near me” searches in the Dallas area in 2022:

  1. Gas prices
  2. Remote jobs
  3. SSA office
  4. Pilates
  5. Cheapest gas
  6. Estate sales
  7. Staffing agencies
  8. Halal food
  9. Food banks
  10. Indian store