DALLAS (KDAF) — For hours a single tweet compiled of a single expletive from Wingstop’s Twitter plagued the internet with virality and questions on just what was going on with this chicken restaurant giant based out of Dallas.

The tweet amassed nearly 200,000 likes and over 40,000 retweets in four hours and all it contained was a lower-cased swear word that started with the letter f. Now, they’re saying why they tweeted this word out of nowhere.

“our 12 new chicken sandwiches are so good, they’re SOLD OUT,” Wingstop tweeted.

Just like that, after only being out for consumption for a short time, Wingstop is out of its new chicken sandwiches with its touted 12 flavors. The restaurant did say that they’re working on getting them back in action as soon as possible.

How did this happen? Well, it’s simple really, “we experienced a lot of love for the Chicken Sandwiches and have run low/sold out at many of our locations,” the restaurant tweeted.