DALLAS (KDAF) — If donuts make you go nuts you’re in the right place. North Texas is FILLED with delicious donut shops and if you haven’t made your way out to Frisco to try Wow! Donuts & Drips, you need to, or better yet, try out their new Dallas location!

Over Memorial Day weekend, after a workout, I decided to negate the calories burned and go get some delicious pastries best served at any time of the day. Tried out four of their donuts, one of their little pigs singles and some of their coffee.

Boy, oh boy, what a treat.

Started off the eating experience with some protein from the delectable jalapeno honey butter little pig single. The pastry surrounding the sausage was light and delicious, 10/10 would eat six in one sitting.

Next up, the main event, Wow!’s seasonal Ooh La La croissant donut. Quick tip, wait until you get home to take a bite out of this one because if you just can’t wait and take a bite in your car (like I did) the flaky goodness will surely go all over your floorboard. It was like something I’ve never had before and I can’t wait to try another ASAP.

If you’ve never had a flashed iced coffee, they’ve got those too and it was a fun spin on an iced coffee. They’ve got multiple flavors to try, you really can’t go wrong with coffee and donuts.

“Need something to go with your donuts? We [Wow!] partner with local roasters and master blenders to satisfy your caffeine fix. Don’t worry, we have decaf coffee, an assortment of teas, and fresh-squeezed lemonades too!”

Lastly, a trio of their donut singles was the last to go, but still delivered the flavor punch. The mere image of them gives the taste buds in your eyes. It was a lineup of the blueberry cheesecake, creme brulee and the French toast. Every bite, of every one of these donuts, was magical and if you need a little bit of magic in your life or if you’re ever feeling a little down, go grab a couple of singles and celebrate the beauty that is the humble donut.

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Donuts are a simple pleasure, but at Wow!, at least in my experience, it was as close to a fine-dining dessert without the need to dress up all nice and fancy-like.

“We pour all of our time, love, and attention into perfecting this timeless classic that has withstood all food trends. With a mission to bring the donut to the modern era, we pay close attention to the sourcing of our ingredients. You won’t find preservatives or trans fats on our menu. Everything is prepared in small batches, ensuring each bite is as fresh as it can be.”