DALLAS (KDAF) — Fair food, get your fair food here!

Well, if there was a better time to tell you this we would, but there’s no better time than the present. Monday, July 11 is National State Fair Food Day! So, if you’re into corn dogs, funnel cakes and all things giant and fried, we’re about to speak your language.

But first, let’s see what NationalToday has to say about this glorious celebration of fried fair food, “But let’s be honest, it’s all about the fried and delicious food, on sticks, and otherwise. The food is memorable and we look forward to enjoying it again all year long. Some of the best state foods include corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes, deep-fried cookies, cheese on a stick, and chicken wings.”

While the State Fair of Texas is a couple of months away, you may need a few options to celebrate today and find fair food around Dallas. We checked some spots that sell corn dogs, funnel cakes and some other norm fair foods around North Texas:

  • Maple Leaf Diner
  • Pinstack
  • Golden Chick
  • Norma’s
  • Cocina Italiano
  • Buc-ee’s
  • Oh K-dog & Egg Toast
  • Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs
  • TJ’s Dawg House
  • Funnel Cake Paradise
  • Shaved Ice & Funnel Cake
  • Southside Steaks & Cakes