DALLAS (KDAF) — When eating food that’s as thick as an encyclopedia book, you know you’re in for not only a good time, but a nice food coma shortly afterward.

Thankfully, July is celebrating one of the ultimate comfort and food-coma-forward foods known to man as it as Lasagna Awareness Month! “Lasagna is a special dish with layers of flavor. Speaking of layers, most lasagna bowls have three to four of them, but there really is no limit or rule to it, so add as many layers as you want,” NationalToday said.

Maybe you’re in the mood to cook your own lasagna up in your home kitchen, but then again, maybe you’re not. That works out because we checked out Yelp’s list of the best restaurants to eat lasagna at in Dallas:

  • Kenny’s Italian Kitchen
  • Italia Express – Oak Lawn
  • Carbone’s
  • Holy Ravioli
  • Piggie Pies Pizza – Lower Greenville
  • Ciao! by Civello’s – East Dallas
  • Terilli’s Restaurant & Bar – Lower Greenville
  • Gallo Nero – Lower Greenville
  • Jimmy’s Food Store – East Dallas
  • Politano’s Pizza & Pasta