DALLAS (KDAF) — So, the question begs, do you prefer pie or cake? And with that question comes another, does it matter the occasion or season? Well, it doesn’t matter really, because today we’re focusing on pies.

We checked out a report from Yelp on the best pie in every state across the US and Texas’ top spot may surprise you.

The report said, “When it comes to a fantastic pie, some might say the crust matters most while others might argue that the filling is most essential. It is hard to say exactly what makes a great pie great, but this list is filled with some of the most well-loved pies in the country.

“This list contains so many unique choices that you might not know where to start but close to home is always a safe bet. Join us in celebrating pie in all its glory, and grab a slice à la mode.”

The report found that Texas’ best pie can be found in good ole Wine Country at Fredericksburg Pie Company, specifically, their coconut cream meringue.

The shop said, “While in Fredericksburg, enjoy a slice of your favorite pie with our own Fredericksburg Texas Coffee, in our dining room or out front on the beautiful pie porch.”