DALLAS (KDAF) — Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, baked beans, corn (of any capacity) and many other sides are constantly battling it out in the minds of barbecue consumers from around the U.S. and especially in the great state of Texas.

Do you have a go-to side or sides that go with your favorite plate of BBQ? If you don’t have a strong-rooted answer, you’re in luck, and if you do, maybe trying something new could change your mind.

Travel Texas wants you to do just that, broaden your horizons and plan out a Texas BBQ trip to settle the argument of sides. “There are many sides to the “best BBQ in the world” argument, and they all belong on a tray with some Texas-smoked ribs! Start cooking up some Texas BBQ travel plans here: https://bit.ly/3Ovxh3K #LetsTexasBBQ

They even toss a shout out to Dallas’ Cattleack Barbecue as one of the top BBQ joints in Texas!

They want visitors of the Lone Star State and those that reside within it to experience Texas BBQ as it’s, “…more than just a meal. It’s a mindset.”

“Texas is the epicenter of the BBQ world. There are thousands of BBQ joints sprinkled across the state like a perfectly applied dry rub. But it’s not just the quantity of locations that sets our BBQ apart. No, no—our obsession runs much deeper.” Check out more from Travel Texas here.