DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone has a go-to fast food dipping sauce whether it be McDonald’s ketchup, Wingstop’s ranch, or any other super duper delicious sauce to go with their chicken, burger or fries.

A recent study done by Upgraded Points found that the debate wasn’t too deep as chicken, again, reigns supreme.

The publication said, “As fast-food restaurants continue to step up their game in the hopes of beating out the competition, we wanted the 411 on the best fast-food sauces each establishment has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of something spicy, cheesy, or mustardy, keep reading to discover America’s sauce preferences and the restaurants serving them up!”

You may have guessed it, and maybe to no one’s surprise at all but the U.S. is eating more chicken; Chick-fil-A’s chicken to be exact. Participants in the study chose Chick-fil-A’s sauce, which is a combo of honey mustard, ranch and BBQ sauce, as the most popular in every state excluding Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio.

“Everything is bigger in Texas, including its love of Chick-fil-A, as 50.98% of respondents said the establishment offered the best fast-food sauces, including its signature Chick-fil-A Sauce. Texas is home to 16% of all Chick-fil-A locations, which would account for the Lone Star State’s affinity for cookies and cream milkshakes and an array of other sauces like Polynesian Sauce or Zesty Buffalo Sauce!”

But, since Chick-fil-A was so dominant, it’s a matter of second place. For the Lone Star State, taste buds were attracted to chicken yet again. Raising Cane’s Cane’s Sauce reigned supreme for Texas among other states.

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