DALLAS (KDAF) — Chocolate milk is a beverage that can be consumed and thoroughly enjoyed by those old and young; while you might think your at-home chocolate milk is the best, what brand from the store reigns supreme?

We’re taking a look at a report of the best brands for your drinking pleasure on Tuesday, September 27, National Chocolate Milk Day! “While this beverage can be spotted in any lunchroom in the United States, it actually has Jamaican origins. That’s right — Jamaica gave us ginger beer AND chocolate milk. This chocolatey goodness can be traced back to the 1400s, and its popularity continues to increase,” NationalToday said.

Mashed released a report of their chocolate milk brand rankings and you may find your brand is the best or amongst the worst; nonetheless, this will give you an idea of some new brands to try or just reinforce your belief that your go-to brand is the best.

“While most chocolate milk looks the same, the taste and consistency can vary widely. If you select the right brand, your taste buds will thank you as you celebrate this drink’s rich, chocolatey goodness. However, if you choose poorly, the disappointment you feel could ruin your entire day,” the report says.

Without further ado, here’s a look at the best chocolate milk brands, according to Mashed:

  1. Promised Land Midnight Chocolate Whole Milk
  2. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Whole Milk
  3. Fairlife Chocolate Milk
  4. Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk
  5. Yoo-hoo Chocolate Milk
  6. Oatly Oat Drink Chocolate
  7. Ronnybrook Creamline Chocolate Milk
  8. Horizon Organic Low Fat Chocolate Milk
  9. Whole Food 365 Chocolate Milk
  10. Silk Chocolate Soymilk
  11. Kirkland Signature Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk
  12. TruMoo Chocolate Whole Milk
  13. Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk
  14. Hershey’s Chocolate Milk
  15. Great Value Chocolate Milk
  16. Nesquik Chocolate Lowfat Milk