DALLAS (KDAF) — The day has come that we’ve all been waiting for and I don’t think the excitement can be contained. Number one, it’s Friday which is a huge win, but this Friday is unlike any Friday you’ve experienced in 2022.

Why? Friday, June 3 is National Donut Day. Now you know the importance this day carries. The donut is different from any pastry, better than any breakfast dessert and honestly one of the best sweet treats known to mankind if we’re being completely honest with ourselves.

NationalToday says, “In 1938 “Donut Day” was established as a way to honor the members of the Salvation Army that came to the aid of soldiers during World War I. Nowadays, National Donut Day is widely celebrated on the first Friday of June. Many donut shops are known to give them out for free, giving a good reason to take some time out of the day to enjoy this most cherished treat.”

We know you don’t want to make donuts at home, we’re taking care of the spots to find for you. We checked Yelp’s list of the best donut shops around Dallas and Fort Worth.

Let’s take a look:


  • Hypnotic Donuts, located in Lakewood
  • The Salty Donut, located in Bishop Arts District
  • J’s Donuts, located in Upper Greenville
  • Yummy Donuts
  • JC Donuts
  • Wow! Donuts and Drips
  • Mustang Donuts
  • Sunrise Donuts, located in Oak Lawn
  • Jarams Donuts, located in North Dallas
  • Immanuel Donuts

Fort Worth

  • A&H Donuts, located in Arlington Heights
  • Hurts Donuts, located in Arlington Heights
  • Parlor Doughnuts, located in Far West
  • Funkytown Donuts, located in Southside
  • Dusty Biscuit Beignets, located in Southside
  • Papa Yun’s Donuts, located in Wedgwood
  • Momma’s Donuts, located in Far West
  • Love Donuts, located in Far West
  • Mousa Donut, located in Southside
  • Best Donut