DALLAS (KDAF) — There are many amazing pleasures in the world of food to be consumed on a daily basis, but some only come around during certain seasons, like the thought that amazing corn dogs are only available during the fair season.

However, that’s not the case and a Texas bar found itself ranked one of the ten best in the entire country when it comes to this delicious treat.

Yelp released a report on the top 25 corn dog spots in the US and Austin’s Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill came in at No. 6 in the rankings. This spot is known for cooking up some classic American comfort food for its patrons with a promise of good food and good times.

As one of the spot’s starters, they’re offering up The Original Moonshine “Corn Dog” Shrimp with honey mustard and blueberry swirl.

“The perfect deep fried handheld treat on a stick. We’re of course talking about the corn dog. From your traditional corn dogs dipped in ketchup to the trendy Korean corn dogs sprinkled with sugar, we’ve got the top spots in the U.S. to celebrate National Corn Dog Day on March 18th,” Yelp wrote.