DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone knows that cookies, brownies, muffins, pies and other sweets shine during the holiday season, but what is the most popular Christmas food in Texas and other states across the country?

A report by Crestline checked out the most popular Christmas foods in America and how each state is dining throughout the holiday season.

The report said, “Moving on to another popular year-end holiday, we decided to take a look at Americans’ preferences regarding Christmas foods. Thanksgiving foods are well-defined, but Christmas foods aren’t exactly the same across the board. 

“Knowing each culture has its own Christmas traditions, we focused on the most common Christmas dishes that are notoriously associated with the holiday and are not tied to a particular culture.”

For the Lone Star State, it’s the ever-so-meaty and delicious prime rib that’s dominating Texans’ taste buds during the holidays. Other foods among states’ favorites are brie, pigs in a blanket, lamb, roast beef, and duck.