DALLAS (KDAF) — Food & Wine is one of the most sought-after food publications in the country and they’ve recently released a story that could create the perfect food tour of the U.S.

They beg the question, “If you had time to eat one food in every state, what would it be?” Food & Wine put together an article on the one thing you have to eat in every state.

In Texas, one thing is clear, BBQ is king but what is the king of the BBQ lineup? Pulled pork, burnt ends, burgers? No, it’s the delicious brisket. Food & Wine says, “Truth be told, if you’re eating brisket pretty much anywhere in Central Texas right now, or even in parts of the state like Fort Worth and Houston that weren’t typically considered part of the barbecue belt, it is better than it’s ever been. But for all the changing, for all the evolving and genre-bending and mind-expanding, there’s still something deeply satisfying about a crawl through the small towns dotting the countryside east and southeast of Austin.”

Be sure to check out their “list to end all lists” to know exactly what to eat when visiting each U.S. state!