DALLAS (KDAF) – The potato is everyone’s favorite vegetable and it can be prepared in almost every way possible, but one of the undeniably best ways is frying it.

Even by way of frying, there are multiple preparations and one of America’s favorites is tater tots; what better way to celebrate National Tater Tot Day on Thursday, February 2 than by eating some tots?

“Your love of tater tots likely stems from elementary school (with a little help from the 2004 classic film “Napoleon Dynamite”). However, there’s far more to these little nuggets of potato than that. Did you know they’re considered fine dining,” National Today said.

While tater tots are a favorite of a good number of states, there’s another type of french fry that’s taking Texas and a majority of the US by storm. We checked out a report from Zippia on each state’s favorite type of french fry.

“As any fry connoisseur knows, there is more than one way to make french fries. In fact, there are over a dozen delicious possible fry formations, although some are far more popular than others,” the report said.

Along with 11 other states, Texas’ favorite fry is cheese fries; which is tied for first place with the texturally superior waffle fries.