DALLAS (KDAF) — Hotcakes, flapjacks, or pancakes, whatever you call these beautifully tasty breakfast discs, there’s one thing for sure, they’re constantly battling waffles and french toast for the top sweet spot for the most important meal of the day.

But today is the day we let pancakes shine, you can keep them simple with some butter and syrup or go all out to get a super cinnamon roll toasted extra pancakey pancakes. No matter the choice, you can never go wrong.

We checked out a report from Love Food on the best pancake house in every state across the country and Texas’ pick, as you know, is bringing more extensive and better flavors.

“A stack of warm, syrup-soaked pancakes is always a welcome sight. The pancakes at these top-rated places, however, take things to new heights of deliciousness. We’ve scoured the US to find the best pancake house – or diner or café with a reputation for great griddlecakes or crêpes – in every state and DC,” the report said.

If you’re in Central Texas, you get to stick at home, but if not, all you have to do is travel down to Austin and walk into Kerbey Lane Cafe for the best pancakes in Texas and some of the best in the country!

“Pancakes are the signature dish and they’ve been made to the same recipe since the café opened its doors in 1980. Diners can choose from classic buttermilk, gingerbread and apple, blueberry or cinnamon swirl. The best thing about them is how big and fabulously fluffy they are – just perfect,” the report said.