DALLAS (KDAF) — Tacos, it’s a dish that can be fused with any cuisine in the world and can be as simple as a tortilla and some cheese or as complex as your foodie mind can conjure up. But there are not many concoctions out there that can compete with some grade-A fish tacos.

It’s a beautiful time to be talking about this delicious dish as Wednesday, January 25 was National Fish Taco Day! “Today, one can find fish tacos on Mexican and non-Mexican restaurant menus worldwide. Fish tacos are delicious snack meals that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. On Fish Taco Day, many restaurants offer discounted or free fish tacos,” National Today said.

But where can you find the best in the country or even Texas for that matter? We checked out a report from Love Food on the best tacos in the land, and several states’ top taco is a fish taco, and while there are incredible taco spots in every town/city of Texas, the state’s best taco is in Austin.

Introducing, Discada:

“It’s hard to choose the best tacos in Texas – they’re so loved here that there have been calls to make them the state dish. However, we decided on this Austin-based taco truck that specializes in one dish only. Discada serves (and is named after) juicy discada taquitos – a north Mexican-style mix of pork, beef, and vegetables in tiny corn tortillas, with salsa and lime. It’s an absolute must-try if you’re in town.”

Love Food

Be sure to click here to check out the full report and more delicious tacos around the country.