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DALLAS (KDAF) — One of the staples of eating in America is that on the same street you can more than likely find cuisines from around the world whether it be European, Asian, Latin, American, African or anything in between.

That’s especially true in the great state of Texas, and today, Monday, August 22 is National Bao Day! Wait a minute, what’s bao again? NationalToday explains, “It’s also a day dedicated to learn more about the bao, also known as ‘baozi’ or ‘hot Asian buns,’ and the culture that surrounds them. Do you know that baos come in a variety of tastes and fillings, such as pork, veggies, sweet custard, chocolate, Chinese sausage, and more?”

These decadant delicious buns can be filled with all sorts of proteins, veggies, and flavors; this Asian treat is a staple to be had as an appetizer or even a whole meal if that’s what you’re craving. We wanted to see what spots around Dallas are the best for this savory treat; so, we checked out Yelp’s list of the best bao buns in Dallas:

  • Banh Mi Station
  • K Pop Ramen
  • Take a Bao
  • Cris and John
  • Bushi Bushi
  • We Wei Din Chinese Cuisine
  • Mr Dumpling
  • Hawkers Asian Street Food
  • Sky Blossom
  • Onesan Dim Sum & Sushi