DALLAS (KDAF) — There are more than likely hundreds of foods you’ve never tried unless you’ve been lucky enough to try cuisines from around the world during some seasoned travels, but not all are so lucky. What if we told you on Friday, that a certain food that is exceptionally delicious is being celebrated and we know where you can get the best of it?

Friday, August 5 is National Couscous Day! NationalToday explains, “This day marks the existence of this fluffy, delicious, and versatile grain that originated in North Africa. Couscous is easy and quick to prepare; it tastes delicious when combined with herbs, spices, legumes, and vegetables. Couscous can be eaten plain or mixed with either salads or brothy stews. It also pairs nicely with roasted meat or vegetables and stir-fries.”

We wanted to make sure when/if you try it, you get the best version of it; so, we checked out Yelp’s list of the best spots in Dallas to eat couscous:

  • Baboush – Uptown
  • Medina Oven & Bar – Victory Park
  • Cafe Izmir – Lower Greenville
  • Andalous Mediterranean Grill
  • Afrah Restaurant
  • Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill – Uptown
  • Shandiz Mediterranean Grill & Market
  • Chopped Halal Grill – North Dallas
  • Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet
  • Zatar – Deep Ellum