DALLAS (KDAF) — The Lone Star State is not short of delicious foods as not only are its staples some of the best in the world but the best of other countries’ cuisines can be found within Texas’ borders.

When you think of Texas, what are the foods that you believe stand above the rest, and what are the top spots for them?

A recently updated report from Taste Atlas checked out what the best and most popular Texas foods are and even where you can find them within the great state of Texas.

The No. 1 spot belongs to the Tex-Mex king, fajitas. “Fajitas is a popular Tex-Mex dish made from marinated, grilled skirt steak that is served in a wheat flour tortilla,” the report said.

  • The top spot to eat fajitas in Texas is The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation in Houston.

No. 2 is Chili con Carne, “Chili con carne is a meat-based stew consisting of finely chopped beef, hot chiles, seasonings, and water, although the ingredients that go in a chili are a subject of endless debates. Purists insist that there are no tomatoes or beans in a real chili, although many others beg to differ.”

  • The top spot to eat chili con carne is Tolbert’s Restaurant in Grapevine.

With no surprise, the No. 3 spot is occupied by Texas-style barbecue, “This barbecue style is typically associated with cooking brisket (the fattier portion is called point, while the leaner portion is called flat) low and slow, usually over post oak fire. The meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, and maybe a bit of cayenne or garlic powder.”

  • The top spot for Texas-style barbecue is Franklin Barbecue in Austin.

Next up at No. 4 is breakfast tacos, “This Lone Star culinary treasure is quite simple – a tortilla stuffed with traditional breakfast ingredients, depending on personal preferences: processed yellow cheese, pork, and eggs are just some of the most common ingredients used in the preparation of breakfast tacos.”

  • The top spot for breakfast tacos is Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ in Austin.

Everyone’s favorite fair food, the corn dog takes the no. 5 spot, “A corn dog consists of processed meat on a stick that is dipped in corn meal batter and deep-fried. It is a wildly popular snack (and hot dog variation) throughout the United States of America. Corn dogs are typically found at county fairs, carnivals, sports arenas, food courts in malls, and roadside eateries.”

  • Of course, the best spot for corn dogs in the state is in Dallas at Fletcher’s Corny Dogs.

Possibly the best side on earth, chili cheese fries take the No. 6 spot, “Texans claim that a 16-year-old Don A. Jenkins invented the dish when he was eating lunch at the local Dairy Queen in Tomball, Texas. In Michigan, it is believed that the dish was invented by two local waitresses who simply combined the ingredients.”

Need something sweet? Of course you do, that’s why the No. 7 spot is taken by Texas sheet cake, “The cake is beloved because it is easy to prepare and has a moist and gooey texture. Although its place of origin is still unknown, most people agree that it was invented in Texas due to the usage of local ingredients such as buttermilk and pecans.”

Next is the ever-so-popular, Texas toast at No. 8, “Despite the implications in its name, Texas toast is not sold toasted, but is instead a packaged, sliced bread, characterized by its thickness (twice the thickness of most sliced and packaged bread). It is most commonly used for dishes such as French toast, and others which incorporate heavy substances like sauces and syrups.”

  • The best spot for Texas toast in Texas is Haymaker in Austin.

Again, alongside Tex-Mex, BBQ is king in Texas and Central Texas-style barbecue occupies the No. 9 spot, “The meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, and maybe a bit of cayenne or garlic powder. It is then cooked in offset smokers, while the heat and smoke from the fire go across the meat, adding an irresistible smoky flavor to the brisket (although shoulder clod, chuck short ribs, and larger short ribs are also popular).”

  • The top spot is, of course, in Austin at Franklin Barbecue.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Texas brisket sandwich rounding out the list at No. 10, “It can be tucked between slices of bread or piled on a toasted bun, served on its own or drenched in sauce, and garnished with toppings such as cheese, pickles, and onions – whatever the combination, the fatty brisket meat with a smoky crust guarantees a mouthwatering perfection in each bite.”

  • The top spot is also in Austin, but this time at La Barbecue.