DALLAS (KDAF) — Texas is known for many things, especially in the food world when it comes to tacos, barbecue, steaks, and naturally, chili.

So, the question begs, do you eat chili with or without beans and what cities do chili the best?

A report from Lawnstarter found the best cities throughout Texas that will have your tastebuds roaring for more chili, “We compared the 100 biggest Texas cities and looked for those with plenty of highly rated chili vendors. We also considered chili festivals and cook-offs in addition to accolades from state and international chili championships.”

So, without beating around the bowl (ya know you don’t eat chili in a bush, so a bowl) here are the top 10 Texas cities for eating chili:

  1. Austin
  2. Houston
  3. San Angelo
  4. San Antonio
  5. Dallas
  6. Irving
  7. Garland
  8. Cedar Park
  9. Round Rock
  10. El Paso

The report dives into the Texas Chili Capital, “This foodie city also takes home the chili crown in our ranking. Austin offers the most chili vendors out of all the biggest cities in Texas, with high scores in Quality and Popularity. Austinites have also won an impressive share of Accolades at statewide and international chili competitions. “