DALLAS (KDAF) — The summertime is in high gear with high temperatures but that also means relaxation is (hopefully) at its peak and you might need a reminder that it is A-okay to get your drink on. What better way to sit by the pool or even just simply relax with a daiquiri in your hand?

If Tuesday, July 19 had anything to say about it, they’d say that a daiquiri in hand during the summertime is sublime as it is National Daiquiri Day! This sweet drink is popular all over the U.S. but especially popular in Texas and the south.

NationalToday says, “Did you know the daiquiri was likely invented by Cuban miners? An engineer named Jennings Cox supervised a mine in a village named Daiquiri in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. After work, Cox and his colleagues would gather at the local bar. One day Cox mixed Bacardi, sugar, and lime into a glass of ice.”

We of course want to make sure you can celebrate accordingly and especially if you’re not wanting or into concocting your own daiquiris at home. We checked out Yelp’s list of the best daiquiri drive-thrus and bars in Dallas:


  • Eskimo Hut – Denton
  • Daq and Mag Daiquiris
  • Eskimo Hut – Arlington Heights
  • Eskimo Heights – Arlington
  • Super Mix Mariscos Restaurant – Lewisville


  • Southern Classic Daiquiri Factory – East Dallas
  • Boozy Dallas – Oak Cliff
  • The Daiquiri Shoppe
  • Daq and Mag Daiquiris
  • Gators – West End
  • Boozy To Go Oak Cliff
  • Eskimo Hut
  • The Vrab Shed
  • Mickeys Sports Bar and Grill