DALLAS (KDAF) — The Texas go-tos for fast food have always been Whataburger or some other spot with burgers or chicken, but in 2023, it’s looking like a caffeine boost is more important than a burger and fries.

We checked out a report from Betsperts to find the fast food capitals of the US and while Texas is tied for 20th with the number of fast food restaurants by state, it shares America’s favorite fast food spot, Starbucks.

“Starbucks takes the crown as the USA’s favorite fast food, with almost half the states searching for this fast food restaurant the most. Although it’s often misconstrued as a cafe, Starbucks actually counts as a fast-food restaurant and therefore follows fast-food wage laws. The top five most populated states in America all have Starbucks as their most searched fast-food restaurant,” the report said.

Starbucks took the top spot as America’s favorite fast food spot with 24 states followed closely by McDonald’s with 22 states and then Chick-fil-A with four. If your Starbucks obsession feels ridiculous, just remember, you’re like a majority of the US that truly can’t live without their caramel macchiato in the mornings.