DALLAS (KDAF) — Summertime beer time? Summertime beer time! It’s time to get crafty North Texas and it’s better late than never!

Earlier on in the month of July, there was a very important national holiday we missed… National Independent Beer Run Day was celebrated on July 3! NationalToday explains, “Many independent beer lovers will be raising a glass for their annual celebration this year. The event is intended to promote independence from imported beers and from significant beer business practices that threaten autonomous craft brewers.”

If you’re looking for a new crafty brew or to get back out there and go sip on your comfort craft at these breweries in Dallas that got the craft!

  • Hop and Sting Brewing Co.
  • Lakewood Brewing Company
  • ODD Muse Brewing Company
  • Vector Brewing
  • Tupps Brewery
  • Four Corners Brewing Company
  • Say When Brewing Company
  • Pegasus City Brewery
  • Deep Ellum Brewing Company