DALLAS (KDAF) — Pasta is a classic dish. It’s versatile, easy to make and surprisingly inexpensive to prepare at home if you are on a budget.

No matter which pasta you prefer, there is no doubt that spaghetti is one of the most popular options in the world.

In celebration of this delicious food, Wednesday, Jan. 4, is National Spaghetti Day!

”Though the origins of spaghetti are disputed—whether it was Marco Polo bringing back culinary invention from the East, and Arab trade-route delicacy, or a home-grown Sicilian treat dating back to the 12th Century—we can all agree that a cold night with a big bowl of noodle-y, saucy goodness is balm for the soul. So join us on January 4th as we celebrate National Spaghetti Day with this amazing dish,” as stated on NationalToday.com.

If you are looking for the best place in Texas to get some great pasta, you’ll have to travel to the land of Houston.

According to an Eat This Not That report, if you want the best pasta in Texas, Paulie’s in Houston is the spot to visit. They recommend getting Paulie’s Canestri alla Funghi.

“Tossed with crimini and shiitake mushrooms, garlic, sage, and folded into rich marsala cream, our stomachs are grumbling just talking about this entree. One word of warning—the size of this dish is said to be enough to “feed an army.” Come hungry or leave with ample leftovers,” as the report states.

For the full report, visit Eat This Not That.